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July 2019, Admin

75 Best Landscaping Ideas For Your Home

With spring in full swing, there will be a lot of opportunities to spruce up your lawn and garden during the months ahead. We asked our lawn care experts about some of their favorite landscaping ideas for 2019, and we got a lot of great answers!

1. Brick Pathway

Brick PathwayBricks are a great way to cover up the unsightly dirt pathways that often form in backyards. Plus, a brick path allows you to avoid trampling the grass in high-traffic areas.

2. AC Hider

You can use pallets or any other reclaimed wood you have lying around to create a nice little hiding place for an outdoor air conditioning unit.

3. Low-Maintenance Lilies

Low-Maintenance LiliesMembers of the Crinums family are hardy, drought-resistant, low-maintenance, and incredibly colorful. If you want a bold garden without all the work, these lilies are the way to go.

4. Garden Swing

Garden SwingThis classic yard fixture still is still a great way to spruce up your property, plus it gives you a place to rest when all your DIY-ing is done. Just be sure to hang it from a sturdy branch! 

5. Lawn Chess

Lawn ChessUse alternating tiles in black and white (or any two colors) to create a giant-sized chess/checkerboard in your backyard.

6. Circular Tree Garden

Circular Tree GardenUse a big tree as the centerpiece for a circular garden. Plant anything you want, but a mix of annuals and perennials is a great way to have year-round color.

7. Driveway Hideaway

Don't want your driveway to be the focal point of your front yard? A slightly raised area of lawn alongside the driveway, planted with a boxwood hedge and a variety of annuals and perennials can practically hide it from view.

8. Water Features

Water Features






A small water feature can fit in even the smallest yard. It's a great way to create a focal point that the rest of your landscape can revolve around.

9. Soften Vertical Lines

Planting evergreen shrubs at the corners of your house will soften its vertical lines, creating a more natural appearance.

10. Garden Beds

Garden Beds

Creating raised garden beds and filling them with your favorite groundcovers and ornamentals is a great way to create an eye-catching garden.

11. Mowing Patterns
Mowing Patterns

Classic stripe, checkerboard and diamond patterns are easy to create with a zero-turn lawn mower, and can create a lot of interest, especially if you have a large yard.

12. Outdoor Kitchen
Outdoor Kitchen

Take your backyard barbecues to the next level with an outdoor kitchen. This provides a perfect place to entertain guests on warm summer nights.

13. Patio Roses

A rose arch along your patio door frame gives your home a bit of English country charm.

14. Rambling Vines
Rambling Vines

If you have an old fence or brick wall, spruce it up with a delicate, flowering vine like clematis. It can enhance what could otherwise be an eyesore.

15. Entry Adornments
Entry Adornments

Planting flowers around your entryway is an excellent way to welcome guests to your home. Choose a variety of spring and summer bloomers for long-lasting colors that change with the seasons.

16. Symmetrical Shrubs
Symmetrical Shrubs

Think about symmetry when you plan the location of shrubs and bushes. Planting one on either side of your entryway gives your home a tidy, but still interesting look.

17. Fire Pit
Fire Pit

Whether you construct one yourself or buy one from your local home and garden store, an outdoor fire pit provides an ideal focal point in your backyard.

18. Natural Edges

Use plants to create natural edges around paths, sidewalks, driveways and beds. Plants give your property a more natural look, and are more flexible and easier to change than plastic or metal edging.

19. Grass Varieties
Grass Varieties

From cool season grasses like bluegrass and fescue to warm-season varieties like zoysia and Bermudagrass, each type of grass is well suited to different conditions. Talk to a local lawn expert to find the ideal grass for your yard.

20. Hydrangea Wall
Hydrangea Wall

Rows of hydrangeas grow thick and bushy, creating a thick wall of greenery in a very short time. Plus, the big blooms that burst forth every spring are incredible.

21. Wooden Pathways
Wooden Pathways

Reclaimed wood is great for making simple and charming garden paths that provide connecting lines to various features in your landscape.

22. String Lights
String Lights

Lighting possibilities in your back yard are endless, and string lights are one way to give your yard a lively fairytale-like look. They're good for hosting guests outside after the sun goes down.

23. Big Boulder
Big Boulder

A simple and effective way to break up a big lawn is to use large rocks as focal points. Look for boulders that have an attractive shape, and compliment the color of your home.

24. Garden Arbor

Constructing an arbor over a backyard path and letting climbing vines grow around it can totally transform the space, giving it an ethereal ambiance.

25. Tree Bench
Tree Bench

Build a one-of-a-kind DIY bench around a tree for a shady spot to sit and enjoy your landscape. Just be sure to leave space between the bench and the trunk so the tree can continue to grow.

26. Wheelbarrow Garden
Wheelbarrow Garden

That old wheelbarrow you have lying around can easily be transformed into a planter overflowing with trailing flowers, providing instant country charm.

27. Topiary Gardening
Topiary Gardening

It's easy to overdo it with topiary gardening—the art of trimming shrubs into ornamental shapes—but when tastefully done, it can give your yard a beautiful old-fashioned feel.

28. Layering Height
Layering Height

Add drama to your plantings by layering plants of differing heights—tall plants in the back and shorter ones in the front.

29. Porch Perfection

Spruce up your porch with wicker furniture and color-coordinated décor for a cozy, classy outdoor entertainment space.

30. Rock Garden Island
Rock Garden Island

If you have a part of your yard that's too awkward to mow, transform it into a rock garden you can simply mow around.

31. Rain Barrels
Rain Barrels

Setting aside an area near your roof for rain barrels allows you to use runoff instead of wasting water. And they don't have to be an eyesore—these simple DIY rain barrels blend right into the landscape.

32. Window Boxes
Window Boxes

Add a splash of color without taking up valuable lawn space. Window boxes are good options if you have a small yard and want to plant flowers without sacrificing grass.

33. Shade Trees

Planting trees is a long-term investment that can yield big rewards. Trees boost curb appeal as well as increase the value of your home. Plus, if you plan to live there for a long time, you'll eventually have it made in the shade!

34. Love Your Lavender

Love Your Lavender

Lavender is nearly indestructible. It's hardy, deer-resistant, looks great alongside paths, and offers a wide variety of colors.

35. Groundcover on Slopes

Steep grades can be nearly impossible to mow and are prone to erosion. Instead of grass, plant no-mow groundcovers in these areas to hold the soil in place and create a wild, natural look.

36. Junk Garden

Junk Garden

Lots of old items you have lying around can be repurposed as garden ornaments, like an old bicycle and basket that you can transform into a planter.

37. Kitchen Garden


There's no reason your garden can't look great and feed you too! Herbs like dill, rosemary, cilantro and lemon balm are beautiful and easy to grow. Low-maintenance greens like kale and collards are right at home in any garden.

38. Front Yard Trellis

Front Yard Trellis

If you don't have trees and don't have time to wait for them to grow, building a trellis and letting vines climb it is a great way to add some vertical interest to your front yard.

39. Brick Edging

Brick Edging

Bricks make great edging around flower beds for a simple rustic look. It doesn't get much more affordable or DIY!

40. Solar Lights

Solar Lights

A great budget-friendly option for front and back yard lighting, solar lights are available in an increasingly wide range of shapes and sizes. Plus, they're easy to move and mow around.

41. Container Plants

Not ready to commit to a particular plant species or location? Plant your annuals in containers so that you can move them around and try out new varieties until you figure out what you like!

42. Sitting Area

Sitting Area

For a quiet place to contemplate, carve out a space with gravel and surround it with greenery. Add a couple of rustic lawn chairs and maybe a fireplace, and you're ready to relax.

43. Elevated Steps

By using elevated steps to create levels, you can really boost your curb appeal and make your lawn more visually appealing. Frame the steps in with flowers and ornamentals to complete the look.

45. Deter Mosquitoes

Deter Mosquitos

Plant marigolds, lavender, chrysanthemums and basil to help deter mosquitoes from your yard.

46. DIY Greenhouse

Give your annual plants a head start in the spring by constructing a simple DIY greenhouse in your yard. All you need is a sunny spot, a bit of scrap wood and some plastic sheeting.

47. Privacy Hedge

Privacy Hedge

Want privacy but don't want to build a fence? Plant a privacy hedge instead. Evergreen hedges are easy to plant and require very little maintenance.

48. Mulch Shady Spots

Deep shade makes it hard to grow just about anything. You can avoid a lot of headaches by adding a layer of mulch around trees instead of struggling to get grass to grow.

49. Dining Area

Dining Area

Everybody loves a picnic. To take yours to the next level, transform your garden into a beautiful outdoor dining area.

50. Garden Shed

There are endless ways to get creative when building a garden shed, and you'll definitely be glad to have a place for your tools so they don't clutter up the garage.

51. Flower-Covered Pergola

Flower-Covered Pergola

A pergola provides beautiful shade over a path or sitting area. Plant climbing wisteria to complete the look!

52. Grow Fruit Trees

Grow Fruit Trees

Depending on your climate, apples, peaches, pears or oranges may be your fruit of choice. In any case, fruit trees look great, and with proper care and pruning can be productive in just a few short years.

53. Tree Lanterns

Tree Lanterns

These hanging tree lanterns are a great option to add some unique charm to your backyard lighting.

54. Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones

Whether you prefer symmetrical square pavers or more natural rock, a walkway of stepping stones is a great way to connect points of interest in your yard.

55. Formal Meets Natural

Combine formal features, like straight lines and crisp borders with more natural and uneven plantings for a look that is both modern and organic.

56. Mossy Goodness

Mossy Goodness

Moss is an often overlooked addition to the landscape. Mossy stones are a great garden accent, making your yard feel more like a medieval forest. Moss is also great for wet areas where other groundcovers may struggle.

57. Hose Holder


Prevent unruly garden hoses from making a mess of your yard with a simple DIY hose holder like this one!

59. Plant Indigenous

Plant Indigenous

It's easy to focus on the unusual and exotic when you're planning your outdoor plantings, but sticking with native plants from your region is a great way to make your home feel like it's an integral part of its landscape.

60. Bee Happy

Bee Happy

Keeping honeybees is great for the environment, and helps pollinate your garden. While bees do require some care, they're surprisingly low-maintenance (and friendly)! Just be sure to give them some space when mowing!

61. Woven Bamboo Trellis

Woven Bamboo Trellis

This fun DIY bamboo trellis is unique and easy to make, and provides a sturdy home for your climbing plants and vines.

62. Pallet Flower Box

Pallet Flower Box

There are a million ways to use old pallets, like creating rustic DIY flower boxes. Plus, pallets are easy to come by; many lumber yards and home and garden stores give them away for free.

63. Planter Bench

Easy to build from scratch, a planter bench provides a home for your annuals and a great place to sit and appreciate them.

64. Outdoor Oven

Outdoor Oven

For a wonderful DIY project, construct a brick oven that can be used to bake your own pizzas and other treats! You'll reap the rewards for years to come!

65. Lawn Mower Home

Lawn Mower Home

Creating a place for your lawn mower to stay out of the elements can keep your lawn mower happy, and it definitely frees up a lot of garage space.

66. Hanging Garden

Growing your favorite plants in hanging planters can save space and add a splash of color to an unused wall.

67. Container Pond

Container Pond

Not only is making a container pond a great way to introduce a charming feature and some overlooked water plants to your landscape, but you can also populate it with mosquitofish that will gobble up mosquito larvae before they hatch. Chances are you'll attract a few frog friends as well.

68. Rustic Garden Gate

No secret garden is complete without a garden gate. It's easy to DIY for beginners and offers a wide range of possibilities to customize.

69. Hammock It Up

Hammock It Up

Who doesn't have fond memories of relaxing outside in a hammock? Not only is it inexpensive and charming, but it's also an outdoor resting place that you'll never have to mow around.

70. Rain Garden

Rather than using up your water on irrigation, plant a garden of water-loving plants in a place where you can direct the runoff from your roof right onto it.

71. Willow Arbor

Use Willow Branches to build a simple rustic-chic garden arbor. It's as great for sitting under as it is for supporting colorful flowering vines!

72. Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental Grasses

Planting ornamental grasses adds greenery to a garden and prevents it from becoming dominated by flowering plants. It also keeps things interesting during seasons when other plants aren't in bloom.

73. Compost Bin

Compost Bin

These easy-to-build outdoor compost bins make it easy to transform your lawn clippings, kitchen scraps, fallen leaves and other lawn waste into nutrient-rich compost.

74. Smooth Out Fence Lines

Planing flower beds along fences helps round off the inside corners, so not only will they look great, but they'll be much easier to mow.

75. Mow Smarter

Mow Smarter

One of the best things you can do for your lawn is to mow it correctly. That means keeping your mower blades sharp, avoiding mowing when wet, and cutting off no more than 1/3 of the grass blades.

Looking for more landscaping ideas and tips on how to care for your lawn this year? Contact us today to find a Hustler retailer near you, and talk to one of our lawn specialists about how we can work to meet your landscaping goals!