Hustler Turf Blog

August 2019, Meghan Cox

Mowing like a pro with my Dashing Diva

Hi again! It's been three months now since I got my Hustler Dash, and I have to say, my Dashing Diva and I are mowing practically like pros by now. I'm more confident and comfortable than ever mowing my lawn, and I've learned a few new tricks that I'm excited to tell you all about!

Keeping Things Straight

My lines are straighter than ever, and the stripes on my front lawn are looking great. I've also gotten so much better at making turns without creating divots in the lawn. It's not like it was that hard to figure out; it just took a little while to get used to the feel of my mower and learn how to turn without stopping. I like to have the best looking lawn on the street, so it was definitely worth taking some time to practice and get it right!

I've always taken a lot of pride in my lawn – that's just my personality – but that pride has really grown since I started mowing with my Dashing Diva. It's because now I not only have a lawn that looks great, but I get to be proud because I do it all myself. Sometimes, when I have people over, I'll ask if they think my lawn service does a good job. When they say it looks great I'll just smile and say, "That's because I did it!"

Managing My Pride

Of course, it seems every time I get a little too proud of my lawn, I'll make some mistake that brings me right back down to earth. For example, the other week I was going along mowing like normal when the mower just stopped right in its tracks. I realized I'd forgotten to check the fuel before I started, and the tank was totally empty.

I ran to the store, came back and filled the tank, and it still wouldn't start! I had to ask my husband what was wrong, and he was happy to point out (maybe a little too happy, if you ask me) that I had made a common error. I had left the blade engaged, which prevented the mower from starting. As soon as I turned that off, it started right back up again, good as new. Now I always remember to check the gas tank before I mow, and to make sure the blade is off before I start!

Getting into a Mowing Routine

With all the rain we've been getting I've had a chance to do lots of mowing and get into a great mowing routine. And seriously, we have been getting so much more rain than usual for this time of the year! It's like Seattle in Kentucky around here. I've been having to mow twice a week instead of once because the grass grows back so fast. Not that I mind, of course.

Usually, I start my routine by going out and gathering up all the kids' toys from the yard and moving the dog's lead out of the way. Then I always do my front yard first, and I go over it twice to mulch the grass and get those perfect stripes I like so much.

I'm one of those crazy people who always maps everything out in her head, so I have a mental map of my yard and exactly how I like to mow it. I keep the grass chute pointed toward the next row so I can mow over all the clippings, and then the second pass totally mulches them up. I go over weeds just like normal too. The other day my husband had thrown some weeds from the garden out on the lawn and left them there, and after I'd mowed over them, you wouldn't even know they were ever there.

Dashing Diva TLC

Once I'm done mowing, I always remember to wash off the mower deck to keep my Dashing Diva nice and clean for the next time I use it. Speaking of clean, one of my favorite things about having the Hustler Dash, other than how quick it cuts and how nice and even the grass looks, is that I don't have to change into my grungy garden clothes every time I mow. I can just hop on wearing whatever I happen to be wearing, and I know I'm not going to get dirty.

Anyway, that's about all for now. Thanks for reading! A little while back I got to share one of my blog posts with someone at my dad's store who was thinking about getting a zero-turn, and it turned out that it really helped them figure out how to use their new mower. It's so great to have a chance to help out!