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July 2019, Admin

How Long Should a Lawn Mower Last?

In a perfect world, every piece of machinery you buy would last a lifetime. Sadly, that's not always the case, but we're committed to doing our best to help you get as much life as possible out of your lawn mower.

July 2019, Admin

75 Best Landscaping Ideas For Your Home

With spring in full swing, there will be a lot of opportunities to spruce up your lawn and garden during the months ahead. We asked our lawn care experts about some of their favorite landscaping ideas for 2019, and we got a lot of great answers!

July 2019, Meghan Cox

Dashing Diva: Becoming a Mowin' Master

Well, it's been awfully rainy around here lately, so I haven't been able to use my Dashing Diva as much as I'd like to, but that's the way it is in Kentucky in June. Hopefully it'll dry up out there soon because my lawn is out of control!

July 2019, Admin

How to Remove a Lawn Mower Blade Safely

Maintenance is crucial to making sure your lawn mower does its job and runs efficiently over the long haul. One of the most important maintenance steps is making sure the blade stays sharp. When it's time to sharpen or replace your lawn mower blade, you'll need to know how to remove it safely.

Safety Precautions:

  • Read the owner's manual before you begin to ensure you have the tools and skills required.
  • Make sure the engine is turned off and the parking brake is engaged before starting any maintenance or repairs. Remove the ignition key, spark plug and battery.
  • Wear the necessary protective clothing and equipment, such as safety goggles and heavy-duty gloves.
  • Work on a hard, flat surface in a well-ventilated area.
  • Follow all safety precautions before operating. 
July 2019, Admin

How Often Should You Water Your Lawn?

We all want our lawn to be green and healthy, but sometimes it needs a little help. This is especially true now that summer has arrived, and the hot sun takes its toll on your grass. Some extra water may be necessary, but how much and how often? Here's what you need to know about watering your lawn so you have the greenest grass on the block.

June 2019, Admin

Essential Mower Attachments to Get in 2019

Mowing is just one of the many lawn maintenance tasks that keep your grass green and healthy, but it's not always easy to get all the different tools you need for every job. Luckily, you don't have to. With these attachments and accessories, your lawn mower becomes more than just a lawn mower. It becomes the tool you need to tackle all your landscaping needs.

June 2019, Admin

Tips for Safely Trailering a Mower

If you're a professional landscaper, loading and unloading your zero-turn mower is a daily part of the job. Even if you're a homeowner with a residential zero-turn, there's a good chance you're going to have to transport your mower from time to time.

June 2019, Admin

How Long Does It Take to Mow a Lawn?

Some folks actually enjoy mowing. Maybe you're one of them – those rare individuals who see mowing as a respite from day-to-day life, as a chance to spend some much-needed time in the great outdoors. There's even a zen-like focus to it, a single-mindedness of purpose that allows you to either focus your thoughts or clear your mind, as the case may be.

June 2019, Admin

What Is the Ideal Grass Height to Mow?

Every time you climb aboard your trusty lawn mower and start cutting, you have the potential to either help your grass or hurt it. We make it our mission to make sure you're helping your lawn to thrive, so we thought it might be time to address a common question we get asked: "What is the ideal height to mow grass?"

June 2019, Admin

Why Your Lawn Mower Is Losing Power

One day you're mowing just fine, and the next your lawn mower is losing power for no apparent reason. It's a problem most of us have faced at one time or another. It can be a head-scratcher, but the solution might be simpler than you think. Follow these troubleshooting steps to determine the cause of a lawn mower losing power.