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June 2019, Admin

Tips for Safely Trailering a Mower

If you're a professional landscaper, loading and unloading your zero-turn mower is a daily part of the job. Even if you're a homeowner with a residential zero-turn, there's a good chance you're going to have to transport your mower from time to time.

That means you need to know how to get it onto a trailer, and off again. These tips will help you trailer your zero-turn mower safely, securely, and without damaging your equipment.

Safety Tips

  • Use the correct sized trailer and ramp for your zero-turn mower, and make sure the ramp connects securely to the trailer. Contact your local Hustler retailer to learn more about matching your lawn mower to a correctly sized trailer and ramp.

  • Consider different trailer types. Many options are available for both open and enclosed trailers. Open trailers are the most common and are typically less expensive, while enclosed trailers offer security and protection for your mower, and can also be used to store the machine overnight. _B3A0015-1

  • Be alert and exercise extreme caution while loading and unloading your mower onto a trailer with a ramp.

  • Make sure your trailer is parked on a solid, level surface.

  • Do not use individual ramps for each side of the mower. Use only a single, full-width ramp. Full-width ramps are more stable and provide a surface for the mower frame to contact in the event that the mower starts to tip backward. It also reduces the risk of a wheel going off the side of the ramp, which can cause the mower to tip over.

  • Ramps typically range from 10 to 15 degrees from the ground to the trailer. The longer the ramp, the less the angle will be, and the easier it will be to get your mower onto the trailer. Do not exceed a 15-degree ramp angle.

  • Raise your lawn mower deck to its maximum height before putting it on the trailer. This will help avoid scraping the mower against the ramp while you're trailering it. A lower ramp angle will also reduce this risk.

  • Trailer your zero-turn mower by piloting it forward up the ramp onto the trailer. Back the mower down the ramp when it's time to take it off the trailer. Trailering your mower the opposite way – i.e. backing it onto the trailer – makes it more difficult to see, and with some mowers can cause the wheels to lose traction.

  • Drive your lawn mower onto the trailer slowly, but confidently. Avoid sudden acceleration when on the ramp, and never stop partway up the ramp. Maintaining a constant speed is important for trailering your mower safely.

  • Avoid loading your lawn mower onto the trailer under wet conditions.

  • Once your mower is on the trailer, engage the parking brake and block the wheels to ensure that it cannot roll forward or backward.

  • Use straps, chains, cables or ropes as tie-downs to securely attach the lawn mower to the trailer. Moving a trailered zero-turn mower without securely strapping it down is against the law in many states, and poses a serious hazard, so always make sure your mower is secure. Inspect the tie-downs before each use to make sure they are in good working order.

Trailering your equipment safely and securely is an important part of owning a zero-turn lawn mower. Contact us today to find a Hustler dealer near you, and talk to a local expert to learn more about the ins and outs of zero-turn operation.