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August 2019, Admin

What to Expect When Buying a Zero-Turn Mower

Investing in a zero-turn lawn mower means weighing a lot of options. If it's your first time buying a zero-turn lawn mower, it's easy to become overwhelmed by those options.

From choosing the best make and model to selecting attachments and weighing financial considerations, our team is here to make the process as easy as possible. Here's how to approach the buying process, and what to expect when you get into it.

Comparing Zero-Turn Mowers

Choosing the ideal lawn mower for your lawn is no small task. Modern zero-turn mowers are some of the most advanced pieces of lawn care equipment on the market, capable of mowing large yards with great speed and dodging obstacles with incredible agility. But even within the world of zero-turn mowers, there's a great deal of variation. It's crucial to be able to compare different models to find the one that matches your needs. 

One way to do this is to visit a retailer and talk with an expert, and there's no substitute for being able to see, touch and drive a lawn mower yourself. That said, we've provided the tools that will allow you to make some educated guesses without leaving your computer.

You can now compare zero-turn mowers using this handy guide, which makes it easy to check all the specs of each Hustler Turf model, from deck size and top speed to horsepower and acres per hour – even whether it has a cup holder or not. That way, you can determine your wants and needs, and narrow it down to just the right mower for your yard.

Finding a Retailer

Hustler zero-turn mowers are available at hundreds of retailers across the U.S. and Canada and, chances are, there's one near you. All authorized dealers can be found on our website by using the Find A Retailer button in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Authorized Hustler dealers are also your source for parts and service down the line.buying a zero turn mower

Also, be sure to ask your Hustler retailer for details on lawn mower delivery and additional services, which vary from one retailer to another. You can take a test drive to see if the mower you're looking at is a good fit, and you may even be able to get your new zero-turn delivered right to your door!

Extras and Attachments

Your zero-turn mower comes with several options when it comes to customizing, with extras and attachments that can make your yard work easier. Consider these, and be sure to talk to your Hustler retailer about the costs and benefits:

  • Baggers: Also known as catchers, these attachments are great for bagging up your grass clippings as you mow for easy transportation and disposal.
  • Mulch Kits: Grass clippings are perfect natural lawn food, and a mulch kit helps chop up your grass clippings extra-fine so that you can allow them to easily and naturally break down on your lawn.

Financing Options

We are proud to offer a wide range of finance plans to help you make your mowing dreams a reality, with plans ranging from 12 to 60 months through participating U.S. dealers. Many Hustler retailers offer additional programs and alternate sources of financing, so be sure to talk to your local retailer to explore additional options.

Your Warranty

Hustler zero-turn lawn mowers come with an industry-leading warranty, including engine coverage for two to three years (be sure to take the time to fill out your warranty registration here)! In addition, we offer an Extended Service Plan (ESP) that offers even more peace of mind by protecting your investment for an extended period of time – one or two years beyond your original manufacturer’s warranty – and includes both the machine and the engine.

Your Extended service plan is administered exclusively by Hustler Turf, never a third party. Plus, should you decide to sell or trade your Hustler mower, your remaining coverage is fully transferable to the new owner, giving you added value at sale or trade.

Taking the Next Steps

Ready to learn more about becoming the owner of a zero-turn lawn mower? Contact us today to locate a Hustler retailer near you, and talk to one of our experts about taking the next steps!